IKEA Laminate Flooring Measurement and Installation

QWR offers installation services for IKEA laminate flooring. We can remove old floors measure for new flooring and install the product and applicable trim.


  • On site measurement (required before installation) - $99.00*
  • Installation price per square foot - $2.00 - $3.00 **
  • Included in square foot installation price:
    • Cut/ install IKEA vapor barrier (if required)
    • Cut/ install IKEA underlayment (foam or sound deadening)
    • Cut/ install IKEA laminate or wood flooring
    • Clean up of job site
  • Additional services (if applicable) priced @ $60.00/ man hour:
    • Moving of furniture/ appliances
    • Removal of existing flooring & debris cleanup
    • Leveling (patching or reducing) of sub floor
    • Removal of baseboard or ¼ round (shoe)
    • Cutting of door jambs and/ or casing to accommodate flooring thickness
    • Removal/ cutting/ reinstalling of doors to accommodate flooring thickness
  • Transition strips (each) - $40.00
  • Cut/ install baseboard or ¼ round (shoe) (per linear foot) - $2.00
  • Disposal of old flooring & debris - $175.00 (offered in some markets)

* $99.00 measurement fee is reimbursed by QWR Services off of installation quote

** Square foot pricing determined at on site measurement based on layout of area to be floored

**Minimum charges apply.  Prices may vary. Call QWR Services for quote based on order**