QWR Services, Inc   
The Kitchen & Bath Installation Specialists 

Our Services

  • Over 25 years of Installation Experience, since 1992
  • Thousands of successful K&B Industry Projects  Successfully Completed
  • QWR Services, inc. has been supplying Kitchen Installation, Furniture Building & General Carpentry Services, to both National and Regional Clients that include International & Regional Manufactures, Big Box Retailers and Multi-Unit Projects as well as Closely Held Design/Build Companies.  
  • Measuring & Site Verification
    • Our Basic Design Service is the Measuring and Dimension Verification of a cabinet layout that will assure an accurate order of cabinets and equipment that will help eliminate common dimensional mistakes when the project is processed by the Manufacturer and/or Retailer..
  • Site Survey/Audit & Client Interview
    • Our In Depth Customer Survey Form gives the Client the ability to specify not only the customer’s functional needs but also allows for discussion of their aesthetic requirements
  • Layout & Design
    • Our detailed cabinet layout, based on the Client’s input, will not only help the ordering process but will aid the installation team in the design’s intended outcome
  • Services Estimating
    • Our detailed project estimating data base is exacting and at the same time geographically flexible. Our system allows for a fair, accurate installation labor that will accommodate all regions in the centennial United States.
  • Assemble KD Cabinets ( as required )
    • We have vast experience in the assembly of Knock down (KD) and Ready to Assemble (RTA)  Cabinet and furniture systems that allow for efficient capable site assembly
  • Install & Fit Cabinets
    • Our installation offer includes:
      • Unpacking and inspecting cabinetry product(s) before installation
      • Placing Cabinets in designated order as directed
      • Leveling and Securing Cabinets according to the approved Design Plan
      • Installing required Cornice, Light Valance and Cabinet Fillers/Trim
      • Installing specified Cabinet Knobs & Pulls
  • Fit & Set Appliances ( AS specified & Supplied
    • Our Installation Team will set in place, and fit to Cabinet configuration.
    • All Appliance Plumbing, Electrical and/or HVAC hook up will be locally supplied by others
  • Install Standard/Stock Countertops
    • We will install standard, premade wood and/or Laminate Countertops.
    • All other Custom Countertops ( eg: Solid Surface, Quartz, & Stone ) Will be installed by the applicable Countertop fabricator.
  • Accommodate the Custom Countertop Fabricator
    • We understand teamwork and will endeavor to accommodate the Custom Countertop Supplier to help insure a successful project outcome.
Construction & Trades
  • Remove Existing Cabinets, Countertops & Appliances
    • We will dismount all Cabinets, Countertops & Appliances and will arrange for site removal
  • Rough & Finish Carpentry
    • We are an installation & Carpentry Service and we can provide non-structural preparation and re-configuration services as required
  • Rough & Finish Plumbing, Electrical, & HVAC
    • All Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC trades work to be supplied by others locally
  • Finish Flooring
    • We can provide installation of wood and laminate Flooring
    • All other Flooring surfaces ( eg: Vinyl, Linoleum, Ceramic Tile, Stone etc. ) will be supplied and installed by others locally.
  • Finish Backsplash
    • Backsplash installation ( other than wood products ) will be supplied and installed by others locally.
  • Clean Up
    • We will keep the Job Site area Broom Clean on a daily basis
    • At the completion of our work we will vacuum and dust our work area before leaving.
    • “Maid Clean” service, if required, is not available and should be arranged for by the Client
  • 1 Year Limited
    • We guarantee or Services, with an industry leading Limited Warranty, for 1 year
    • All other Trades and Suppliers have their own Warranties which are not part of the QWR 1 Year Warranty.